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 Funny school tekst

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PostSubject: Funny school tekst   Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:45 am

hehe i have writed a school tekst. i thought it was funny so i wanna post it here. we had english writing. I could write whatever i wanted to. so i writed about the sausage war in Denmark. well its more funny than you think.
here it goes.

The sausage war

many people have their normal holidays the first weeks in July, but in
Denmark there have been war episodes for the last days.
Around 7 people managed to flee. They have helped us understand
to understand the war. The war is between The Force of The Red Sausage
and the government. The government has ben planing to destroy the red
sausage, but since so many people in Denmark like it, They haven`t
managed to destroy it.
Denmark has around 5 millionpeople and is a country of islands.
The mass murders in the capital, Copenhagen have frightened a
whole world. More than 600 poeple are dead, and thats only in three
days. "We need to do something" Says the Swedish prime minister.

Denmark looks more like an eastern country that a scandinavian.
the bombing of a red sausage factory triggered the war.
No other wars in the history have started like this.
Even US doesen`t want to help Denmark out of the war, but
there is one country that wants to help. they wants to
help the Danish red sausage eaters and the factory owners.
France is declaring war against the Danish government.
"We like the red sausages" Says the French President.
why are we going to remember this war. well 400 of the dead
can be connected to red sausage eating. If the Danish secret
police do know that you`ve eaten red sausage you wont get any medical
Still there is one question in my head. why red sausages?
well the answer to that question must be that the red sausages
is the symbol of Denmark.

So when poeple from other countries are having the best time
of the year, Danish people are suffering in a mass murder whitout
red sausages. Can they handle it?


So what do you think. please write a coment that may help me writing better next time. and give me a mark
1-6 there 1 is very bad and 6 is very good.
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sev the fucking viking


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PostSubject: Re: Funny school tekst   Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:25 am

il give it a 4++ because of the good English my friend, il post my storie when i get it back!
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PostSubject: Re: Funny school tekst   Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:40 am

It's good English considering that it isn't your first language, though there are quite a few small grammatical errors. There are also a few bits that are technically correct, but sound awkward to a naive English speaker. If you like I could come back later today and correct the errors.

I would give a score, but I don't know what I would base it on.
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PostSubject: Re: Funny school tekst   

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Funny school tekst
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