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 Point Buy Explanation

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PostSubject: Point Buy Explanation   Point Buy Explanation Icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2009 3:13 pm

It seems that the point buy system Mr 19 is supposed to be using has been quite horribly mangled. As such, I will try to explain it properly.

You start off with 10 in all stats. You have 18 points to distribute amongst them. Raising a stat costs 1 point per increment until 14 is reached (1:1 ratio). Raising a stat costs 2 points per increment from 15 and upwards (2:1 ratio). Lowering a stat from 10 gives a ½ point per decrement until 8 is reached (1:2 ratio). Lowering a stat from 8 gives a ¼ point per decrement (1:4 ratio).

To summarise:

All of your stats start at 10.

Reducing a stat to 4 from 10 gives 2 points.

Reducing a stat to 8 from 10 gives 1 point.

Raising a stat to 14 from 10 costs 4 points.

Raising a stat to 15 from 10 costs 6 points.

Raising a stat to 16 from 10 costs 8 points.

Raising a stat to 18 from 10 costs 12 points.
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Point Buy Explanation
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