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 Engineer Guide

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Simme Fo

PostSubject: Engineer Guide   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:22 am

Hi and welcome to my guide. I collected some data and hopefully will get some vids up if my computer can stop lagging. Also this guide will be very light but properly done.

First of all the 2 main engineer sub jobs.

1: [color:2a03="Cyan"]Defensive
2: [color:2a03="Red"]Offensive

A brief and obvious pointer. An engineers [color:2a03="Lime"]sentry is what makes him [color:2a03="Red"]dangerus. No mater lvl.
And [color:2a03="Orange"]hitting your or anybody elses [color:2a03="Cyan"]buildings will get them done [color:2a03="Lime"]faster.

[color:2a03="Cyan"]Defensive Engineering
Okey so it is the basic and formost place for engi. Big deal right.
Well the engineers job in most matches is to defend an area which your team has aquired and keep it until your team takes the next one.
(5 point maps, granary, badlands)
To defend an area you're supposed to defend until the times runs out.
(Attack and defend maps, Dustbowl, Gravel Pit and payload maps.)

As an defensiv engineer [color:2a03="Red"]your sentry is everything. It is a [color:2a03="Orange"]must to have lvl 2 or above. You can't do a proper job with a lvl 1.

As for placement you should find a place where it can see the [color:2a03="Lime"]point or [color:2a03="Lime"]a wide area around the [color:2a03="Cyan"]point. Sometimes on the point itself but this is not recomended by me. Mostly since it is where all the enemies are heading and will surly find and quickly will be able to take care of it.

[color:2a03="Red"]Offensive Engineering
Well this is where engis get to a hard point, since it is nearly not there field. Why I say nearly it is because even thought in the title say [color:2a03="Red"]offensiv it is more like [color:2a03="Lime"]supportiv. The offensive engineers job is to [color:2a03="Orange"]limit the area where the defending team can move without being [color:2a03="Red"]damaged. This helps your team to cap points more quickly sinces enemys will tend to [color:2a03="Cyan"]avoid the area of the sentrys field of vision. Also an offensive engi [color:2a03="Cyan"]never sits with his sentry but [color:2a03="Cyan"]goes out there and help his teammates while his sentry keep doing its job.
It is not very important to which lvl the sentry is for the offensive engineer. I prefer the lvl 1 since it draws least atension and do fair amount of damage over a time. To add you don't lose as much when it gets destroyed and is quickly replaced.

Placement: [color:2a03="Lime"]Hidden corners are you best friend but also to [color:2a03="Lime"]move around and change your sentrys [color:2a03="Cyan"]position often is a very good tactic. Scoats hate when they can't find that pesky lvl 1 that keeps moving around.

There are two sub classes for this aswell.

[color:2a03="Lime"]Defending Offensive Engineer
This one is played best when your team has two engineers. And one is defending as a proper Defensive Engi. You [color:2a03="Cyan"]build at places where you enemy could gain advantages. Like [color:2a03="Lime"]high ground or blocking passages which is used to get forward quickly. (Dustbowl 2 the tunnel path to the right after the first point) His main job is [color:2a03="Orange"]diserupting the flow of battle giving [color:2a03="Cyan"]time to respawn or enhance defences further down the path.
Mainly seen in Push maps, Dustbowl and payloadmaps. On the defending team.

[color:2a03="Orange"]Offensive Defensive Engineer
Well this one do not have much difference from a normal offensive engineer exept for the fact that he is a [color:2a03="Lime"]base builder. He is the one that supports his team from a secure point where you can [color:2a03="Cyan"]refil ammo and health and [color:2a03="Orange"]charge [color:2a03="Cyan"]├╝ber. Building [color:2a03="Lime"]teleporters from spawn to points further away. Not much more to say about him since he is seen in most matches on the attacking team.
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Engineer Guide
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