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 LemonHead's Super Awesome TF2 tweaking guide for Shitty Hardware

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PostSubject: LemonHead's Super Awesome TF2 tweaking guide for Shitty Hardware   Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:46 pm

Okay a brief introduction feel free to skip. I have a real shitty computer: Pentium D, 1gb of ram, 5 year old graphics card, Vista Home Premium. I decided to make a guide for other unfortunate souls with equally bad hardware (hopefully not worse). I will later post a Vista Customizing Thread for those even more unfortunate souls who don't have xp. Also be prepared for the game to look absolutely horrible but in return you get sweet precious fps.

First Lets make our autoconfig file. Open textedit go to save as, name it autoexec.cfg and IMPORTANT change the save type to "all files". Save it to this directory not case sensitive so look it up on your own
C:/Program Files/Steam/steam apps/"YOUR STEAM ID NAME"/team fortress 2/tf/cfg
after that open it up and paste the following inside DONT PUT THE QUOTES DUMMY
"mat_dxlevel 80
mat_monitorgamma 1.9"
I put the screen brightness to the lowest it can go you can take the line out if you want it at game default.
If you think your hardware can handle it you can put dx to 81. (post stuff you lose out on lower dxlevel here)

Next open steam up and go to the games tab. Right-click on Team Fortress 2 and go to properties, click "Set launch options and paste the following inside (not the quotes dummy again)
"-fullscreen[OR "windowed" for window mode] -novid -w [YOUR SCREEN or WINDOW WIDTH) -h [YOUR SCREEN or WINDOW HEIGHT]"
press ok dummy head. Now you can launch tf2.

Inside of tf2 go to options, video option tab, advanced options, and set everything to lowest value,(of course you can choose what you want higher but I put everything to the lowest value except the Filtering mode.) HIt of Duh wait for it to reload your settings.

Well that is it that wasn't so hard was it stupid, now that feel bad you weren't smart enough to do it yourself cause I'm just way smarter, cooler, handsomer, and a better spellerer-er.

Also DONT BE DUMB dont use [ ] parentheses or " " quotes in the configuration stuff. Yeah I'm looking at you stupid.

Also also, some might think "My computer is good I don't need this" but imagine how many fps you could squeeze out runing it at such low settings. you could get like 200fps, and friends.
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PostSubject: Re: LemonHead's Super Awesome TF2 tweaking guide for Shitty Hardware   Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:48 am

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LemonHead's Super Awesome TF2 tweaking guide for Shitty Hardware
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