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 St. Patrick's Day

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PostSubject: St. Patrick's Day   Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:14 pm

Yes my sons,

The holy day of our savior- born to Herb and Margie Star, our beacon of infinite wisdom, he who deliverth us and Spongebob from numerous perils and hardships- will be upon us in no more than thirteen days.

The name of the great and awesome St. Patrick Star will shine down and we followers will fill the world with his healing light.

From server to server, from spawn to spawn, let His slendor be heralded by the heavens!

This Circle of Jerkers must go forth. Across the lands of the warring fortresses, it will be our heaven-ordained mission to spread His word to the pitiful heathens that know not of his name nor glory.

Each missionary must venture to uninitiated servers, choose the benevolent 7th class, and bestow healing power only upon those who allow His light into themselves. When it comes to pass that a Jerker finds himself in hostile lands, we must press forth with reinforcements. Shall His holy will thus be done!


On March 17th, we're server hopping as medics RPing as missionaries of Patrick Star from Spongebob (our mascot). Everyone will refuse to heal players who do not fully accept our "holy message." If a person finds a SRSBS server, everyone else spams it until we get everyone to either ragequit or convert.

If we do this right, we'll both generate epic lulz and be able to sort out players that would be cool with us.

Let's all pitch in!

~P.S. Mr. 19, go ahead and tell us what I've missed/ additions/ changes of plans or times.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day   Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:59 am

This will be awesome. March 17th it is then. I think we should come up with some standardized message to spam about Patrick and how we saved the world on numerous occasions, sometimes even saving it from things he didn't cause.
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day   Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day   

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St. Patrick's Day
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