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PostSubject: Back to the Drawing board   Back to the Drawing board Icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2009 1:47 pm

This game has lost all its love from me and if it wasn't for PCJ I'd seriously quit. this scout's "pocket uber" along with his stunning bat is the last straw.

The server has a new 0 bitching police. arguing over what takes skill and what doesn't who's OP and who's not cheap insults like rocket whore, nade-spammer, or W+m1 will also be banable (clan members will be kicked before banned). No one cares what your god damn opinion on the game is it's broken anyways. I want my stay on this shit game to be as enjoyable as possible so this means stfu with game talk. Admin abuse is making a come back FYI. No you can not get it. only a select few will. I will be giving people Kick Ban and Change map for free however. As for our highlander team? as for now see it as a dead project.

I'm going to go jack off to memories of that small time frame between Natascha's fix and the scout update now.
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